Updated 15th May 2015 – So it just got a lot more interesting…..

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So this just got a whole lot more interesting….

You may have read about the announcement by Tusla (The Child and Family Agency) confirming they are cutting funding to the marriage counselling services provided by ACCORD, the Catholic agency.

Apparently the cuts were made due to budget constraints.

That’s coincidental since Atlantic Philanthropies, the same organisation that has gifted $17,000,000 over recent years to the organisations behind YES Equality has just announced that it is going to gift Tusla €8,300,000.

You can read more about that major funding boost here and here

Norah Gibbons, the head of Tusla is busy campaigning for a Yes vote herself – hardly appropriate.

norah gibbons - Copy

Separately, Minister For Children, James Reilly TD announced last October that his department was going to boost Tusla’s funding by €26,000,000.

Unusual then that budget constraints played a part in the ACCORD decision.

We’re not saying that the Atlantic money had anything to do with the domestic decision but you would have to start asking questions….

Children’s Rights Alliance

And while we’re still talking about Atlantic, it’s worth commenting that the Children’s Rights Alliance, the body who with BelongTo have organised children’s charities to promote a YES vote on 22nd May also benefited very significantly from Atlantic Philanthropies itself.  Interestingly the current chairperson of the Children’s Rights Alliance formerly worked for Atlantic Philanthropies.  See here

You can see here that they got $4,194,963 from Atlantic and here’s a photo.

CRA atlantic grant - Copy (2)

If you combine that with the nearly $17,000,000 Atlantic gave the YES Equality organisations, you wield a whole lot of influence…

More to come…


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